Users are invited to participate to the iSimply project pilots

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in e-learning | 0 comments

As pilots in the context of the iSimply project have been initiated, interested users, either professionals in marketing/public relations/HR, or students in marketing, are invited to express their interest to participate in the pilots, complete the iSimply e-courses on Social Media Marketing and experience the innovative dynamic service of AllurEdu social media content recommendations as a feed within each e-course

The pilots for AIT in Greece will officially be starting on 17/02/2014 and lasting for 4 weeks: 2 weeks to complete Unit 1 (Marketing topics in Social Media Marketing), and 2 weeks to complete Unit 2 (Social media tools for Marketing). Each Unit is composed of 4 approximately 2 hours duration modules.

In order for an interested user to express his/her interest, one should send a respective e-mail to with Subject: Participation to the iSimply pilots, and mentioning in the body of the message, his/her name, organization, type (professional or student) and valid e-mail address. Then, the user will be informed via e-mail for his/her account to the iSimply e-environment, accessible from the following URL: and with guidelines on how to access the iSimply e-courses and what needs to be done. Expressions of interest should be sent at the latest by Thursday 13/02/2014.