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Dear guest,


The iSIMPLY project partnership welcome and encourage you to participate and benefit from the new and innovative idea of learning through the use of social media tools.


E-learning, e-training & LLL are major priorities for the EU as we undergo a deep change in educational, business, societal, technological and financial aspects in everyday lives. The rise of Web 2.0 has changed the way we learn, create & share knowledge as well as how we socialize & conduct everyday business & activities online. Despite the above, learning has not yet managed to keep up with these on-going dramatic ICT changes.


iSIMPLY aims to make the 1st step towards understanding & modeling the processes & practices of social media participation to set the ground for future learning through these tools and environments that can exploit the vast and evolving amount of social-based information produced daily, can validate and evaluate this type of learning and include it even in its formal processes (educational institutions, organizations, businesses, etc.). Research (in related magazines, online, ICT and educational reviews, discussions with educationalists etc) show that this approach is completely new.


Innovative character

  • actual modeling of a social media pedagogy transferred into a social networking environment where users are themselves the content generators,
  • a user rights progression path where users according to their active participation can progress to become content authors using pre-designed content templates,
  • the extraction of training and teaching methodologies for their further elaboration and transport into non-formal and informal learning approaches,
  • the focus on learner driven training paths,
  • targeting a sector, as the social media marketing, which is new-born and in need of alternative training solution more targeted to the actual social needs (bridging world of work with learning)
  • ability to be reused in other sectors/branches.


You will benefit from:


  • a social network where you can become the author of training content,
  • participating in the pilot and using a social media learning model
  • learning how to create training material,
  • developing skills and competences to work with social media
  • an online learning community that will use  the social media collaborative model for users’ interactions and training.
  • being able to apply what you have learned.


Should you be interested to join us please use the contact data available in the contact page of the website