The partners

Meet the partners of the iSIMPLY project!

We are 7 partners from 6 different countries around Europe. We have as a common goal the interest of researching how social media tools can enhance the learning experience.

Partner organisations involved in the project:

1. SQLearn (coordinator) (GR)

Contact person: Mr Antonis Frigas

2. Institute of Education (Uni of London) (UK)

Contact person: Mrs. Anita Pincas

3. Greta du Velay (FR)

Contact person: Mr. Pierre Carollaggi

4. Izmir University of Economics (TR)

Contact person: Mr. Erhan Ada

5. Research and Education Laboratory in Information technologies (AIT) (GR)

Contact person: Mrs. Sofia Tsekeridou

6. Mindjumpers (DK)

Contact person: Mrs. Sophia Kenvold

7. Chamber of Commerce Bistrita Nasaud County CCIBN (RO)

Contact Person: Mrs. Monica Muresan