The iSimply e-Environment is now operational!

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in e-learning | 0 comments

Another technological innovation of iSimply is its e-environment that integrates formal online learning tools and systems (conventional LMS/LCMSs, AIT’s Kwebo and SQLearn’s Moodle), with online communication, collaboration and Web 2.0 tools, as well as with innovative services and tools that facilitate dynamic knowledge discovery and extraction from social media sites and online communities of practice (AIT’s AllurEdu Social Media Search Engine and Recommender System).The iSimply e-environment is now operational, integrating AITa’s Kwebo e-learning 2.0 system with AIT’s AllurEdu Social Media Search Engine and Recommender System, thus providing to iSimply’s e-courses and respective online learning communities the innovative capabilities of receiving dynamic recommendations on social media content of high educational value, filtered to the thematic coverage of the respective e-course/online learning community – the educational focus of iSimply is on “Social Media Marketing”.

Recommendations are added as a new dynamic content feed in the “digital space” of each e-course of iSimply. They are ranked based on their relevance to the e-course taxonomy (structured list of keywords describing the e-course) and their measured educational value. The iSimply e-environment is accessible from the following URL: