The 1st release of AllurEdu, AIT’s Social Media Search Engine and Recommender System, is now alive!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Digital Marketing | 0 comments

One of the main technological innovations of iSimply, concerning the development of data mining and knowledge extraction tools from social media contributed content, is now alive!

AllurEdu, AIT’s Social Media Search Engine and Recommender System, researched in the context of the iSimply project, crawls and mines social media content such as posts, comments, shares, etc. from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in order to dynamically retrieve and recommend such filtered content of measurable high educational value to online learning communities within e-learning systems according to their field of interest. Its first release is now alive and accessible from the following URL:

Users may pose their queries, concerning for now the generic subject area: “Social Media Marketing”, which is the focus of the iSimply project, and retrieve from relevant social media communities discussing on this issue, related content ranked based on its measured learning value.

Such a tool facilitates both tutors as well as learners to easily search all interfaced social media (and not only) and dynamically locate recent up-to-date valuable educational resources, the manual search of which would cost them precious hours spent in browsing and surfing.