Status Update By iSIMPLY

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in e-learning, Social Media | 0 comments

Anita Pincas, Visiting Fellow,
Institute of Education,
University of London 

Professionals involved in marketing – including those using the Social Media [SM] for that purpose -have a wide range of content to cover. It is frequently a problem for instructional designers of courses about marketing to pinpoint what are essential learning resources, and what are secondary, i.e. to make distinctions between essential, or core content, on the one hand, and additional or supplementary content. An important issue for the project was also how to collect sufficient appropriate content so as to generate relevant learning processes. In the iSimply project our e-course will be about such matters as factual data like marketing statistics, or skills needed for using the SM tools,, or activities that marketing professionals need to be able to engage in such as strategic planning. For instance, in SM marketing the following list shows the very wide range that our course could have covered.

1. SM strategy creation
2. Integrating media sharing platforms into SM strategy
3. SM monitoring
4. SM measuring and analysis
5. SM campaign
6. SM marketing plan
7. SM marketing across platforms
8. Avoid/resolve problems in a SM
9. Integrating social networks in media strategy
10. PR
11. Legal/IPR issues in a SM
12. Corporate communication
13. Customer service
14. Product development
15. Growth areas
16. Human Resources
17. Recruiting
18. Customer loyalty
19. Customer needs
20. Stakeholders
21. Crowd sourcing
22. Networking
23. Opinion leaders
24. Sales generation
25. Target groups
26. Competitors
27. Knowledge sharing
28. Knowledge discovery
29. Building a community
30. Measures of brand presence
31. Building brand engagement
32. Building brand advocacy
33. Building Employer branding