Status of the project

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in e-learning | 0 comments

Just before Christmas we celebrated the 1st birthday of iSIMPLY! 1 year down, 1 1/5 to go! We are now entering  a very exciting period where we see our research analysis results, transformed into actual products! We have designed our social learning course curriculum and will start with the development of our course. We have made our project known across Europe using diverse means (Facebook, blog, website, meetings, information material etc) and we are excited from the comments we receive.

We will aim to create an exceptional course to be provided to all of you who are interested. Let us give you a quick overview of what we have done so far: a) Researched into the needs of our two target groups using online questionnaires, b) we analysed the results and cross checked them with our expert partners in social media marketing (Mindjumpers) to obtain final results, c) we investigated into social learning models suitable for our target groups and topic (social media marketing) and decided to base our pedagogical model on Albert Bandura’s social learing theory, d) we established the appropriate templates to be used for the courses and units and finally, e) we designed our social learning curriculum! Of course, during this period, we met three times with our partners. The first meeting was in the UK, the second one in Romania and just before Christmas, in Denmark. We still have three meetings to go, but this information will come in a different report. We do believe that you will find our project interesting and innovative and willing to take part when we will test the platform and courses with the people. Please visit our Facebook page: for more information.  So, happy birthday iSIMPLY – we look forward in producing more innovative results for you!