Microsoft and Twitter partenership

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Digital Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments

Microsoft has announced the renewal of its agreement with Twitter. This agreement allows Microsoft web search engine Bing to display the tweets in the results of its engine. For several years, tweets appear in Bing. Microsoft wanted to integrate to its search engine results from sites like Twitter, Facebook and Klout. Bing is far from beat Google, and its market share is lower, but Microsoft still hopes to attract more users with more social data in the search engine results. “Our partnership with Twitter ensures that the user has access to near real-time tweets posted by people – politician, celebrity, opinion leader or friend – who have a relationship with their research”, said Microsoft in a blog post friday.

According to a ranking by comScore in September, Google remains the leader in the research market, with nearly 67% share. Microsoft is far behind with about 18 % share, while Yahoo, which uses Bing background, came third with about 11% of shares. In September, Microsoft has revamped Bing, offering a new look, a new interface to present the results that blends social messages and factual information about people, places and objects.