iSimply paper on AllurEdu Framework to be presented to ICODL 2013 conference

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Within the context of the iSimply project and its Workpackage 5, AIT has researched upon the definition of a multi-dimensional technology-enabled social learning approach that has recently been accepted to be orally presented at the 7th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning (ICODL 2013), to take place in Athens, Greece, on 8-10 November 2013. The paper is titled: “Multi-dimensional technology-enabled social learning approach” and is co-authored by Hristijan Petreski, Sofia Tsekeridou, Neeli R. Prasad and Zhen-Hua Tan. The paper presents the rationale and methodological framework of AllurEdu.

ICODL 2013 Conference web site:

Written by Sofia Tsekeridou