Improve visibility

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in e-learning, Social Media | 0 comments

Video is the content the most shared on the web. With the appropriate use of technologies, its visibility can goe beyond the frontiers and its costs is much lower than publicity on traditional media. For eg, Youtube has become the largest broadcaster in the world and offers TV channel possibilities. If the use of an external service provider is justified for high quality movies (multiple cameras and actors), for simpler sequences, a small camera or a smartphone are enough. If there is a lot of video editing tools, payable or free, Youtube also has its own editor (

The key is to adapat the film to the audience, to make him want to talk about it and share it via social media networks. Youtube channel is, unless specific settings, linked to google+ account and allow to create TV channel very easily. You can define your own banner and include a presentation sequence, a kind of trailer for your brand. Youtube videos and channels can be exported easily into you own web site, saving storage space. Up to you to authorize, monitors and moderates votes and comments. Youtube works with Analytics Google tool to estimate numbers of minutes watched, origin of views, numbers of subscribers and so on.

A TV channel is a good mean to offer a dynamic and original content, adapted to larged audience, to promote buzz, to gain hearing on initial phase or to boost the popularity of contents.