Project results

7Final  deliverables of the project

    • WP1-D1.1 Project plan
    • WP2-D2.1 Quality Evaluation Plan
    • WP2D2.2 External evaluator’s report
    • WP3-D3.1 Social Learning Model
    • WP3D3.2 System architecture report
    • Wp3-D3.3 Methodology integrating social learning model, pedagogy, ICT and social media tools
    • WP4-D4.1 Definition of Final user scenarios (VET/HEI)
    • WP4D4.2 Design of 15 Learning objects and Respective Content Library
    • WP4-D4.3  Design of iSIMPLY services and e-environment
    • WP5-D5.1 Definition of social media marketing taxonomies and ontologies
    • WP5-D5.2 Data mining and knowledge extraction algorithms
    • WP5-D5.3 Social Media, Social Tagging and Content Template Tools
    • WP6-D6.3 iSIMPLY online learning environment
    • WP7-D7.1 Pilot information package
    • WP7-D7.2 Train the trainer seminar
    • WP7-D7.3 Pilot testing of iSIMPLY online learning environment
    • WP7-D7.4 iSIMPLY evaluation
    • WP8-D8.1 Dissemination plan
    • WP8-D8.2 Dissemination material – Website
    • WP8-D8.3 Dissemination material – 7 online teleconferences
    • WP8-D8.4 Dissemination material – Social media group Facebook, Twitter and blog
    • WP-D8.5 Dissemination material – Final conference – Athen, Greece

group_photo conference





    • WP8-D8.6 Dissemination material – Other dissemination material: leaflet and poster







  • Project dissemination in:

National conferences:

  • Greece
  • England
  • France
  • Turkey
  • Romania

conference IMG_4276






  • International conferences:

no.1: Hungary

DSC00352 IMG_0675






no.2: Germany

Online Educa Berlin Dec13  Online Educa Berlin - 2013






  • Other dissemination activities

DSCN9529 DSCN7283 Picture 013 IMG_1866 IMG_4200











WP9-D9.1 Exploitation plan