Facebook improves its advertisement system

Posted by on Nov 15, 2013 in e-learning, Social Media | 0 comments

After the collaboration agreement with Google concerning its advertising manager (DoubleClick) in october, and with 369 millions of dollars R&D investment, Facebook continues to develop its information technology. Recently, the second most visited site in the world after Google has decided to improve its advestisement system. Till now, behavioral targeting, based on navigation history, was the most used technology to identify user profiles. It can evolve with a new improvement : analyzing mouse movements, Facebook hopes to refine its behavioral analyze. It would optimize the placement and the format of advertising but also define user profiles more precisely : appreciated colors, significative text elements, best informational context, site favorite area displayed on mobile.

All those informations, combined with others (geographical informations, navigation history, usage informations) would be stored on an infrastructure extension (the current one handles 300 petabytes), and would create a user profiles central database for advertising, which represents 90% of Facebook gains, but also significant datas in terms of business intelligence.