Apple will commercialize iWatch next september

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Anonymous sources from production lines say that the Apple connected watch, the iWatch, would be marketed in the third quarter of 2014. The iWatch will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, while the Taiwanese company specializing in Richtek chips will also benefit from the chain. Easy device screen will be provided by TPK.

Last december, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, sent an internal memo, a quick review of the last twelve months of activity and an overview of Apple projects in 2014. Tim Cook spoke about the upcoming launch of a new range of products, without going into details. Assumptions are not lacking, however. If you believe the latest rumors, Apple could introduce over the coming months its first watch connected, the iWatch. If the future Apple product could be launched between July and September, the U.S. firm could, however, benefit from the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to give a large public preview.

iWatch is a product linked to 79 patents, giving the capacity to exchange data bidirectionally with a smartphone (probably an iOS device), allowing you to view and modify its playlists, read your messages, access the call log of the smartphone, view interactive maps and even propose a cardiac monitoring system for the wearer. Analysts put on a volume of 5 to 10 million iWatch sold the first year of commercialization. In practice, this could yield to more than $ 2.6 billion to Apple, for a profit of $ 790 million. The selling price of the iWatch should be around $ 350.