40% of most shared videos on Instagram come from brands

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In April 2012, Facebook was buying Instagram and its 30 million subscribers for 1 billion dollars. Instagram starting as an iPhone application in 2010. In june 2013, a video sharing function was added to compete with Vine launched by Twitter at the beginning of 2013.

According to a study by Unruly between 9 September and 9 October 2013, 40% of the 1000 most shared videos on Instagram are from brands. The most shared brand was MTV (84 videos in 1000), generating a total of 134,110 sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. The other most shared trademarks are the NBA, Peanuts and GoPro. The social video platform has identified more than 80 brands, including Samsung, Disney, Nike, Red Bull, BMW, which have a good performance on Instagram video in terms of popularity and sharing.
The most popular sectors among the 1000 are entertainment and fashion.
9 of 10 Instagram videos are shared on Facebook. The total number of Instagram video unique sharing on Twitter was 176,016, which represents nearly 10% of YouTube video single sharing on Twitter over the same period (1,871,530).

Data were collected using Unruly Analytics and Unruly Viral Video Chart including the sharing on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. The statistics do not reflect the “likes” nor the comments.