4 Ways to Create Always-On Content

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Social Media | 0 comments

In a recent session with a client, Mindjumpers talked about the shift in thinking centered around campaigns, to thinking centered around the idea of Always-On content. We thought we would share some insights on how brands and agencies are building content strategies around this idea of Alway-On.

More and more, brands are understanding that in order for their messages to be heard, they need to focus on creating content that is appealing, relevant, and timely, and a lot of it! This is one of the key factors driving the shift from campaign thinking to thinking about real-time content and content that is Always-On.

Although the concept of Always-On has been widely talked about, they ways in which different brands and agencies integrate Always-On into their own content strategies can differ. It is therefore interesting to consider different models and frameworks, which can provide insights for your own Always-On content strategy. We’ll give a brief overview of four different Always-On strategies, from both the brand perspective and the agency perspective.