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Using Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

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Getting a job is hard. Between the countless hours spent crafting cover letters that no one reads and anxiously checking your email to see if you’re on to the next round of interviews, a job hunt can be frustrating.But as the job climate is shifting, so is the way applicants are getting those jobs. Your online portfolio is just as important as your resume, and what you post online can affect your chances of getting hired.

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Are We Addicted to Facebook, or Are We Just Addicted to Ourselves?

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Why is Facebook like crack cocaine? Here’s a little quiz: Do you find yourself on Facebook longer or more often than planned? Have you given up or reduced your involvement in social, occupational or recreational activities due to Facebook? Have you made a conscious but unsuccessful effort to reduce your Facebook “use”?

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EU e-signature plan to make electronic deals safer and easier

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Companies, citizens and public authorities wanting to strike cross-border deals should have access to easy and trustworthy ways to sign and certify documents, said Parliament’s Industry Committee on Monday. To this end, it endorsed a draft EU law that would require EU member states to recognise each other’s electronic identification systems.

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Status Update By iSIMPLY

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Anita Pincas, Visiting Fellow,
Institute of Education,
University of London 

Professionals involved in marketing – including those using the Social Media [SM] for that purpose -have a wide range of content to cover. It is frequently a problem for instructional designers of courses about marketing to pinpoint what are essential learning resources, and what are secondary, i.e. to make distinctions between essential, or core content, on the one hand, and additional or supplementary content. An important issue for the project was also how to collect sufficient appropriate content so as to generate relevant learning processes. In the iSimply project our e-course will be about such matters as factual data like marketing statistics, or skills needed for using the SM tools,, or activities that marketing professionals need to be able to engage in such as strategic planning. For instance, in SM marketing the following list shows the very wide range that our course could have covered.

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Is Nokia Europe’s Wake Up Call?

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If you had no reason to work, would you? A report of the World Economic Forum says that Belgium’s distortionary tax system reduces the incentives to work. In the mean time Belgium and other European countries keep telling the world how great we are doing. We are so proud of our number of holidays, our social security system, pension plans… But guess what? Finland was proud too, since Nokia was one of the strongest brands ever.

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